Fan brush

Fan brush, animal hair, wooden handle.

  • Blusher Brush
  • Eye shadow Brush
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Nose Brush
  • Lip Brush
  • Setting Brush
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1, the foundation brush: generally used to brush the foundation fluid and foundation paste, pay attention to the foundation brush to daub evenly, not thin thick.Still can use wet sponge to swish excessive after brushing besmear, can appear more natural.

2, powder paint: for makeup, the specific operation method is, dipped in a small amount of powder, even makeup on the face, remove the excess powder.Nose socket, canthus these are not easy to brush to the place, can use honey powder puff to undertake meticulous set makeup.

3, eye shadow brush: there are a lot of different models of different sizes, respectively applicable to different places, like a large point of the eye shadow brush is more suitable for large area color, small model of course is suitable for the processing of details.

4, cheek is red brush: be about the same with loose stucco generally, some should be a bit smaller than loose stucco.It is the design of inclined mouth commonly, the structure that such more convenient besmear brushes a position feels.

5, floating paint: floating paint looks like a fan, can be removed in the makeup process of the face residual powder, make makeup more neat.

6, eyebrow whitewash: oblique design, dip in to take eyebrow powder to draw the general eyebrow shape, and then use eyebrow pencil in meticulous painting, make eyebrow more three-dimensional.

7, eyebrow comb: the eyebrow comb is double-sided design, the comb can be used to comb the eyebrow, easy to repair the eyebrow.Hair comb surface can be used to clean the residual hair and impurities in the eyebrows.

8, modify brush: the brush head of this brush is very small, mainly in the process of making up, there are some improper treatment, dip in foundation concealer.

9, the lip brush: the lip brush hair is generally a little hard, and brush head is very small, so can better control the brush head, so as to depict a more three-dimensional contour.



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