Makeup brush is to buy artificial fiber or animal hair is a lot of people have been wondering, so makeup brush animal hair and artificial hair what is the difference?

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Animal hair:

Because have natural wool scale, because this wool is qualitative softness, eat pink degree saturation, can make color uniform take note of, suit to brush powder, eye shadow wait for dry pink product, can present the color of this kind of product perfectly.The disadvantage is expensive, difficult to maintain, easy to lose hair.Animal hair is not very friendly to allergic constitution, may lead to allergies, and animal hair had better not be used for wet cosmetics, will easily lead to bristles and brush marks on the face.

Synthetic Fiber :

Including fiber hair, nylon hair, smooth and no hair scales, grip power is weak, not too much absorption of the product.When using wet sex product such as liquid of powdery bottom, labial color, cheek is red, concealer had better choose man-made wool, can develop the characteristic of water embellish of this kind of product.The disadvantage is relatively hard, relatively a little bit of the face.Compared with animal hair, artificial wool has better toughness, is not easy to lose hair, and is more durable.