If you want to paint a delicate and beautiful makeup, makeup tools are essential.But do you know anything about makeup brushes?

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If you want to paint a delicate and beautiful makeup, makeup tools are essential.Want to draw a delicate and beautiful makeup look, make up tool is indispensable, we are quite understanding to beauty makeup egg these, beauty makeup egg is used daub foundation fluid, but do you know to make up brush?If you often use make-up brush you’ll see makeup brush can help you to modify a complete delicate makeup look, want their own makeup look in the eyes of others look natural beauty makeup brush is indispensable, makeup brush can help you to modify the face, help you to draw the eye shadow effect you want, you can also help you to improve color of skin color and all make-up effect, overall a makeup brush can help you to get all the makeup look, but useful for part of your makeup brush?Do you know how to use it and what it does?Come and learn the proper use of makeup brushes.But do you know anything about makeup brushes?

1. Powder Brush

Powder Brush is one of the tools that use to settle makeup, it combines honey powder or loose powder can have the effect that makeup makeup settles makeup.Maintain 5-6 hours makeup face is complete, can achieve the effect that controls oil at the same time, can build the makeup look that gives foggy surface effect commonly.

When choosing a Powder Brush, pay attention to whether the bristles are dense and soft.Only the soft and dense brush hair can not miss the face of the flaws, for a large area of makeup.The shape of loose stucco is given to with circle and fan generally, circle can sweep pink centrally, and fan can take into account the whole outline of the face.

Usage: dip in appropriate amount of honey powder or powder, gently sweep the face that has finished the bottom makeup, and stay for about 5 seconds in the parts that are prone to sweat (such as both sides of the nose, forehead and chin).Then sweep again along the outline of the face.

2. Foundation Brush

Foundation brush is used for foundation liquid makeup brush.There are three kinds of general, one is a bevel foundation brush — not only can brush foundation liquid in the face, but also can make contouring brush and highlight brush, are generally multifunctional brush;One is a flat brush, mainly used for the face of the foundation treatment;Still have a kind is round powdery bottom brush, go up for local makeup effect commonly.For the foundation brush, the most important thing is to choose the bristles are more neat, with a certain inclination of the brush head.This not only improves the ability of partial concealer, but also allows for cheekbones.

Usage: apply proper amount of foundation to the forehead, chin and cheeks with the foundation brush or in the palm.(especially the blemish marks can be superimposed thickly), and then gently swept away with a foundation brush.If you emphasize the high concealer, you can use the foundation brush gently pressed in the flaw.

3. Concealer Brush

Concealer brush is aimed at the concealer effect of local blemish basically, also can make whole makeup look more downy and perfect at the same time.It is the concealer that blain blain or blain is printed commonly, suggest to use round concealer brush.And the color difference that a few red blood silk or is the skin, the proposal USES square concealer to brush to undertake large area dizzy catch concealer.And the black eye circle concealer of eye ministry, the brush that chooses to brush a bit smaller than blain blain concealer undertakes concealer commonly, because eye ministry lower part black eye circle is strip commonly, need detail concealer.And the choice of bristle must be with downy nature is premise, brush wool wants a few more meticulous as far as possible.

Usage: use concealer point where you need to block defect, such as in the red blain blain blain to imprint, and gently press the blain blain, at the same time to deal with defects and the boundary of the surrounding skin, soft as far as possible make it look natural, not and other skin color off color, with sweet pink base, finally make concealer and foundation.

4. Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brushes are, as the name suggests, tools for applying makeup to the eyes.Generally speaking the size of eye shadow brush wants to compare concealer brush and loose whitewash to come more compact, the delicate that pursues bristle does not hurt an eye and bristle are downy and natural.Generally speaking eye shadow brush can be applied to eye shadow already make a base, also can be used at eye ministry detail at the same time dizzy dye.The more elastic the bristles, the more amazing the makeup effect.Consider even and the amount of eye shadow powder that dips in every time, bristle is a bit soft won’t make eyelid feels burden.

Use method: dip in with eye shadow brush take a few eye shadow powder or eye shadow cream, sweep gently on eyelid, achieve the effect that render;If the eyeliner is also painted, then choose a smaller brush along the eyeliner gently along a direction can be painted.The deep extension of the lower lash line and the outline of the eye can be done with a shadow brush.

5. Contouring Brush

Contouring is a makeup technique commonly used by Asian women to make our cheekbones look more prominent and the overall outline of our face look more three-dimensional.

Contouring brush is also the most important tool for contouring, generally divided into two categories.One is a facial contouring brush, mainly in the cheekbones, forehead and lips;One is the body grooming brush, mainly brush in the chest, creating a more three-dimensional visual effect.Generally speaking, most of the contouring brushes are inclined, because the Angle of the zygomatic can be considered;Round contouring brush less, mostly used to render the cheekbone contouring.Grooming brush brush pay attention to meticulous, compared to the foundation brush more slender.

Usage method: first choose a light brown or barley color of large range dozen in cheek cheekbone place, reoccupy deep one brown dozen in cheekbone sunken place, sweep gently along the direction of facial concave and convex with grooming brush next, must have the horizontal sweep of Angle, try not to destroy the makeup look color and effect of other parts of the face.

Has the utility of above 5 kinds of makeup brush and use method mastered?If you want to have a beautiful makeup look, it is crucial to master these five basic makeup brushes.Of course, the daily cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes should also pay attention to, which is a lot of makeup experts are easy to ignore the details.Have you learned how to use a makeup brush properly?